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City Swimming Pool Project

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Ribbon Cutting Ceremony held May 25, 2016 - photos here!

The new pool opened for business on Memorial Day weekend, 2016!

Pool Committee & Project Overview

In October of 2012, the New Rockford Park District, the City of New Rockford and the New Rockford Area Betterment Corporation invited residents, community leaders, area business owners, students, organizations, health care groups and more to form the Pool Committee.

This volunteer committee has gathered research and information regarding the needs and wants of the community and students to help guide the direction of the project.

A community brainstorm session was held in November, 2012. Over 40 people of all ages came together to discuss the pool issues and possibilities for the community. Click here to read about the Community Brainstorm Session.

In addition to the brainstorm session, over 150 community members participated in an online Community Pool Survey, rating the importance of various aspects of potential solutions to the pool issue, as well as seeking input and commentary on the potential impacts of the project. See the results here, with additional commentary here.

An additional survey was distributed to students grades K-12 at New Rockford-Sheyenne School. The results from this survey can be seen

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here for grades K-6 and here for grades 7-12.

After a year of gathering data and extensively researching pool options, the committee presented the public with a project recommendation of building a new swimming pool and bathhouse for $1.6 million. Funding proposed for the project included property tax bonds and public and private fundraising.

On December 11, 2013, the citizens of New Rockford voted in a special election to approve the sale of $900,000 in property tax bonds to help fund the pool project. The New Rockford Area Betterment Corporation and the New Rockford Park Board has engaged in an intense fundraising campaign throughout 2014.


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