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Due to the rise of COVID-19 cases in Eddy County, the courthouse will be closed to the public and by appointment only.  We are also recommending that people wear a mask when entering the courthouse.

Please use the drop off box located at the bottom of the Courthouse steps to drop off documents for the different County Departments, and to drop off ballot applications for the Auditor.  If you are dropping off any document other than a ballot make sure it is in a sealed envelope with the name on it of the designated department or person that it is intended for.

Below is a list of numbers to call to reach the department: 

Auditor – 947-2434, ext. 2020

Clerk of Court – 947-2434, ext. 2013

Eddy County Housing/VSO – 947-2434, ext. 2023

Emergency Manager – 302-8279

Recorder – 947-2434, ext. 2013

Sheriff – 947-2434, ext. 2011

Tax Equalization – 947-2434, ext. 2015

Treasurer – 947-2434, ext. 2017

If you are here for a court appearance call Clerk of District Court Office - 947-2434, ext. 2013

This is for your protection as well as ours.

Thank You

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