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Welcome to New Rockford, ND
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Housing and Business Incentives

Renaissance Zone Tax Incentive Program
The Renaissance Zone is a North Dakota state-sponsored program that provides incentives for taxpayers who invest in our community. New Rockford's Renaissance Zone is effective from January 1, 2008 to the end of 2022. This 25.5 block section of New Rockford includes both businesses and residences and has a great deal of potential for development.
The purpose of the grant is to provide the businesses of New Rockford an incentive to improve and/or expand their business. Local businesses are vital to our community. The functionality and aesthetics of a business is a key factor to not only the business itself, but the community as a whole. The intent of the business improvement grant is to enhance, protect and promote New Rockford’s character and unique identity. The vision of the NRABC is to build and continuously strive for an economically and socially thriving society that serves our community and future generations. Business development is one of our key strategic focus areas. Our role is to support area businesses and their mission by using resources, facilitation and incentives to promote and grow business opportunities. *Grant monies have been allocated for the current year. Applications will open in the Fall of 2020. 

Housing Incentive Program
The Housing Incentive Program is designed to encourage improvement of existing homes and new housing construction. There are three categories of incentives: new construction, buying a home, and remodeling a home. Incentives include free water and sewer for one year, waiver of building permit fees, abatement on real estate taxes, and many more great perks. New residents to the city also receive a "welcome to New Rockford" package including free passes to many local amenities. 

City of New Rockford Business Tax Incentives
Call City Auditor George Ritzke at (701) 947-2461

Eddy County Business Tax Incentives
Call County Tax Equalization Director Kristi O'Connor at (701) 947-2434 ext. 2015

ND State Incentives
The state of North Dakota offers many incentives to businesses. Visit the Department of Commerce website to search incentive programs by industry.

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