New Rockford, ND

Welcome to New Rockford, ND
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For Sale

Vorland Land Company Real Estate Listings (New Rockford office)
(701) 947-5626

Aladdin Realty Real Estate Listings (New Rockford office)
(701) 947-2789

Century 21 Real Estate Listings (Jamestown office)
(701) 652-2090

Central Agency Real Estate Listings (Carrington office)
(701) 652-3111

Pifer's Auction & Realty
(701) 947-2009

Surety Title Company
(701) 947-2446

3BJ Home & Lawn Services (home/property inspection)
(701) 741-2831

Improved City Lots for Sale
Call George Ritzke, City Auditor, at (701) 947-2461 for information about improved city-owned lots that are available for sale and ready for new construction

Black Hawk Housing Development
(701) 947-2205

Also check current listings in the New Rockford Transcript!


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