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Professional Services

Language and Professional Services Offered by NRABC

The New Rockford Area Betterment Corporation exists to support economic and community development. The NRABC offers several free services to local businesses and organizations, prospective business owners and community members. Services include client consultations, marketing and promotional services, social networking, writing business plans and more, depending upon individual needs and requests. 

A range of professional services are also available through the NRABC at significantly below-market rates:

Grant Writing

Grant writing is the research, application, and sometimes administration of funding for non-profit organizations. A grant writer will research potential funding sources for a project, complete application paperwork and narratives, gather necessary documents, and assist in the filing and administration of grant paperwork to help non-profit organizations secure funding. The NRABC charges $30/hr for grant writing, including time spent on research, writing, meetings and admin. Market rate for this service is $60-120/hr.

Web Design

Web design is the creation, design, and sometimes maintenance of a unique company or organization website on the internet. A web designer will meet with a client, create a look and layout for the website, arrange ownership and hosting, design, build and launch the website. The NRABC charges $30/hr, including time spent on set-up, planning, client meetings, design and limited maintenance. Market rate for this service is $75-150/hr.

Oral Interpretation

Interpretation is oral translation from one language to another. The interpreter will listen to spoken words from one person, then repeat what was said in a language that can be understood by a second person.  The NRABC charges $25.00 per hour for this service. This will include the time the interpreter is on the clock, plus any applicable travel fees. Market rate for this service is $50-100 per hour, plus fees. Service is available in Spanish and French.

Written Translation

Translation is changing written text from one language to another. The translator will take a text in one language and produce an identical version of the text in a second language. The NRABC charges on a scale of $.03 to $.06 per word, counted from the final text, and depending on complexity of language (such as medical or legal text). Additional fees may apply for layout and design. Cost estimates will be provided on request prior to project start. Market rate for this service is $.06-$.20 per word, plus fees. Service is available in Spanish and French.


Rates apply only to businesses and organizations located in and/or serving the New Rockford-Eddy County area.


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