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Welcome to New Rockford, ND
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Chamber of Commerce

The New Rockford Area Chamber of Commerce takes a leadership role in promoting the New Rockford trade area as a progressive and positive place to do business. 

The Chamber helps to create and maintain a variety of active, attractive, and caring businesses devoted to meeting the needs of its valued customers.  This vision is based on the effort to maintain a steady but responsible rate of growth for our city, which is known for its friendly and fun- loving people.

Mission Statement: The Chamber’s mission is to enhance the way of life for its residents, to provide a fun place for tourists to visit, and increase local business activity to promote a healthy, sustainable community.

2021 Board of Directors

Amy Wobbema, President
Amanda Hegland, Vice President
Annette Duda, Secretary
Tiffany Schaefer, Treasurer
Colleen Hagen, Director
Kelly McKnight, Director
Ardyce Snyder, Director
Jenette Perleberg, Director

The Chamber's Programs and Events include:

  • Annual Chamber of Commerce Banquet
  • Community Easter Egg Hunt
  • 4th of July Fireworks Display
  • 4th of July Coordination/Promotion
  • City-Wide Rummage Sale
  • Centennial Park Gazebo Decorations
  • Monday Night Football Madness Raffle
  • Santa Day
  • Shop Local Loan Program
  • Jolly Jingle Holiday Drawing
  • Chamber Bucks Local Currency
  • Community Message Signs
  • Regional Community Promotions
  • New - Business Trainings
  • New - Table Tent Event Advertising
  • New - Employee of the Month Program
  • New - Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony Program (coming soon)

For more information about the New Rockford Area Chamber of Commerce please contact:

New Rockford Area Chamber of Commerce
PO Box 67
New Rockford, ND 58356







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