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Imagine a Community without an Ambulance

Over the past several months, we’ve explored the Community Ambulance Service of New Rockford and the impact their presence has on the community, but what if we reversed that concept and imagined what our community would be without them?

Imagine a Rockets football game that doesn’t have an ambulance available. If a young student is injured during a game, what happens? Without an ambulance service, you won’t see trained health professionals available in a split second to tend to the student. There may be concerned coaches and parents attempting to attend to the injured or dialing 911 to wait 20-30 minutes for an ambulance to arrive to properly address the situation.

Imagine a loved one suffering an injury. Do you have the training and capacity to take care of them while you wait a half hour or more until an out of town ambulance can respond? Are you prepared to attend to a wound or perform CPR during those first critical minutes?

Imagine an emergency situation arises in your home after receiving 14 inches of fresh snow. How long might it take a trained professional and ambulance to arrive from Carrington, Fort Totten, or even Devils Lake?

The truth is that it may be hard for us to imagine those situations until we’ve experienced them, but if our community didn’t have an ambulance, might we live to tell about it?

Our community ambulance regularly serves us. Now let us serve them. This final article in the Ambulance Series is a call to action to New Rockford citizens, businesses and the community as a whole. How can you be a part of the solution?

1. You can join the Community Ambulance Service. Contact Angie Hopfauf at 701-307-0271 for more information. 
2. If you are a business owner, you can encourage your employees to serve on the Community Ambulance Service. Allow employees the opportunity to be on call and have flexibility during work hours to serve.
3. Support the Community Ambulance Service by attending events such as Lifesavers in the Park, Giving Hearts Day,  or donating time, supplies or money.

If you would like more information on the Community Ambulance Service or you are interested in enrolling in the next EMT Certification course, you are encouraged to contact Angie Hopfauf at 701-307-0271. 

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