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Eddy County Website Goes Live

February 25th, 2014
– The New Rockford Area Betterment Corporation has announced the completion of the new Eddy County section of the City of New Rockford website. The project was created to provide a central source of information on the county’s government, offices, resources, and more.

The Eddy County subsection includes pages for the County Commission, Township Officials, County Boards, Mill Levies, and each of the 15 County Departments. Each page provides contact information and duties of each office, as well as additional resources, forms, and links to state or federal agencies related to each office. The Eddy County website can be accessed on the left website sidebar, or directly at:

The city website - - is a free service provided by the NRABC, the City of New Rockford, and now also Eddy County, to help promote the city and county, local businesses and organizations, and to provide accurate information to residents and the world. Every business, organization, and government entity is entitled to a free landing page on the site, and a listing in the directories.

With regular maintenance and weekly updates, all businesses and organizations are asked to check their pages and information on the website regularly for accuracy and completeness. Any changes, additions, news or events can be submitted to Jessica at or by calling (701) 947-2205. New businesses are especially encouraged to submit their information to ensure they are included on the site.

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