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Pool Pen Pal Party Raises Funds for Pool

May 28th, 2014 – Local kids attended a Pool Pen Pal Party last week to write letters to friends and family members about the new pool project. Letters, donation forms, and envelopes were provided by NRABC and postage was sponsored by Thrivent. Kids brought address lists of friends and family and signed and addressed letters. Over 200 letters were mailed from the party.

“The pool project has always been about the kids,” says Sarah Smith Warren, Executive Director of the NRABC. “They have been an important part of the entire process from focus groups and surveys to even assisting with design options and now helping to raise funds.”

The goal of the letter writing is to keep kids involved and inform friends and family members, specifically those outside of the community, about the new pool project. Letters and envelopes can still be picked up at the NRABC offices if anyone wishes to send letters.

Since the passage of the public funding ballot measure in December, there remained $500,000 to be raised before the new pool can break ground. To date, over $250,000 has been committed to that goal from grant writing, business sponsors, private donors, and fundraising events. The current New Rockford Community Pool will be open this summer.
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