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Childcare Shortage in North Dakota Reaches Eddy County

The childcare shortage in North Dakota is taking place not only in the oil producing counties, but across the entire state. In the past year, due to retirement and career changes, at least three child care providers closed their doors in New Rockford. Combined with the shortage in other areas and a steady growth in the population of young children, there are an estimated 40 children in the area in need of childcare.

Nathan Presnell owns “Just 4 Kidz”, a group childcare facility in New Rockford. He says he gets calls every day asking for openings, “In the past two weeks I’ve received calls for 15 spots including families from Carrington, Sheyenne and Fessenden.” He is currently operating at full capacity with no room for expansion. Presnell has worked in childcare for over 8 years, is a mentor with the North Dakota Child Care Resource & Referral and has recently testified on childcare legislation. “We have families struggling in our communities because they can’t work if they don’t have childcare options,” he says, “We need to address this problem in order to keep our families here and sustain our community.”

Sarah Smith Warren, Executive Director of the New Rockford Area Betterment Corporation, says there are resources available for those who may be interested in opening a childcare facility, “There are excellent organizations, mentors and resources for people interested in a career in childcare. Most of the training and certifications are free, and there are some startup grants and loan programs available.”

Presnell is calling the community to action, “If anyone has considered this career path, now is the time to go for it. Or even if you are interested in helping a friend or family member and making some extra money by providing childcare, you could really make a difference in this community.”

Smith Warren invites anyone who may be interested or have questions about a career in childcare to contact the New Rockford Area Betterment Corporation at 701.947.2205 or Nathan Presnell at 701.947.2701.

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