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NRABC Opens Child Care Provider Grant Program

August 15, 2016
– The New Rockford Area Betterment Corporation (NRABC) has set aside funding for a new grant program with the goal of helping to create 25 public child care slots. Funding of up to $500 per slot created is available for start-up daycares and for the expansion of current child care businesses.

The local child care shortage was selected by the NRABC as a high priority project, which led to surveys and research on a variety of strategies to help increase the availability of the service in the area. This grant program is modeled on successful programs utilized in other North Dakota communities.

Under the new program, an in-home start-up day care is eligible to apply for up to $2500, and a center-based start-up may request up to $5000. Any currently operating child care business can be eligible for up to $5000 per year by adding service for more children. The intended use of the funds is to assist with the costs associated with either opening or expanding a child care business, including acquiring real estate, renovations, equipment and supplies, staff recruitment, training, or other related expenses.

According to NRABC Executive Director Jessica Dillon, “We are pursuing several different strategies to address the severe child care shortage in the New Rockford Area. This was a quick way we could reach out to support anyone in the community who is already working in child care, or those who have considered it and could use a little boost to get them started.”

Applications will be available starting September 1, and may be submitted at any time. The program will continue until the allocated funding has been fully disbursed.

The NRABC Child Care Grant Program full guidelines and application will be available online at, and at the New Rockford Area Betterment Corporation office in City Hall. For more information about the program or for assistance applying for a grant, please contact Jessica Dillon at (701) 947-2205 or
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