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Swimming Pool Raffle Winners Announced

July 7th, 2014 – Congratulations to these winners of the 2014 New Rockford Community Swimming Pool Fundraiser Raffle:

Keurig beverage maker - Shelly Ehni

Blu-ray player - Tiffany Knatterud

Flat screen LED TV - Thomas Edmonson

Ice augur & fishing gear - Amanda Fandrich

Mountain bike - Kerri Allmaras

iPad mini - Greg Jenrich

iPad - Sis Weber

Portable gas grill - Kaci Weisenburger

$200 cash - Brent Helseth

$300 cash - Jon Fortney

$500 cash - Dennis Smith

$1000 cash - Tina Mills

Thanks to everyone who bought and sold tickets - about $7400 was raised from the raffle towards the Community Swimming Pool Project. Watch for an update from the New Rockford Area Betterment Corporation and New Rockford Park District on the pool project, coming soon.

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