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New Rockford Community Foundation Reaches Milestone

January 8th, 2013 – With the last few dollars trickling in over the final days of the year, the New Rockford Community Foundation (NRCF) hit a major milestone with their 2012 fundraising campaign. Through donations by businesses and individuals, exactly $10,000 was raised, the maximum matched amount for a single year by the state fund, leading to an overall increase of $20,000 for the endowment fund.

“This is a huge accomplishment for us,” says Josh Guler, the NRCF’s Board President. “When people come forward to support the Foundation, it’s an investment, and a vote of confidence for the future of the community as a whole.”

Though exact numbers haven’t yet been released, the board estimates that the fund total will jump from around $37,000 to roughly $57,000. Every spring, the foundation awards a percentage of the interest generated as grants to local non-profit organizations. The dramatic growth of the fund base will be reflected in an increased amount of grant dollars available each year, indefinitely.

Fundraising was bolstered by two larger donations, by Mr. Leonard D. Pfau (in memory of his parents, Patricia M. Pfau Wenzel and Leonard J. Pfau) and Mr. Harold Serumgard, and completed with donations by over a dozen local businesses, individuals and families.

Plans for 2013 fundraising include a dinner and gaming event in mid-March, as well as ongoing information and donation request campaigns. Matching funds up to $10,000 are again available for this year, as is a 40% tax credit for business donors, in addition to a charitable donation tax deduction for all donors.

To learn more about the NRCF or to make a donation for 2013, contact the local coordinator, Jessica Dillon, at 947-2205 or speak to an advisory board member: Josh Guler, Gail Weisenburger, Tom Hartl, Laura Anderson, Loren Nieuwsma, Amy Cudworth and Kerri Allmaras. Donations may also be sent directly to PO Box 775 in New Rockford.

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