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First Lutheran Quilters Share Warmth Worldwide

July 15th, 2013
– In the right hands, a hobby can make a significant impact on a person’s life. In many hands, that effect grows and spreads like ripples to other people touched by it. Such is the case with the First Lutheran Quilters, a group of local women who meet twice per month and collectively produce 400-500 quilts each year, which are donated to those in need around the world. The group started up about 40 years ago, and they are sending out more quilts now than ever before, even with fewer members.

Many of the quilts are sent to Lutheran Social Services and Lutheran World Relief, which distributes them for disaster relief, refugee camps, and the homeless. Others are sent to the Lutheran mission in Grand Forks, and to Aeon in Minneapolis, a non-profit organization that builds and maintains affordable housing units in the city. Quilts are also provided to those in need locally, to families at Christmas, and after losses such as home fires.

Gladys Carlson says that she like being part of the group because, “It’s a good pastime, and you feel like you’re accomplishing something for someone else.” Meetings include frequent coffee breaks and socializing, and many members take pieces home to work on in the time between gatherings.

The group is open to anyone, and is always seeking new help. No experience or sewing ability is required. Carlson says, “If you can pull a needle or tie a knot, you can help.” Each member does whatever part of the process they prefer, whether pinning and tying, sewing quilt tops, or adding lining and backing. Donations are greatly appreciated in the form of sheets, blankets, quilt tops, mattress pads, and materials, which are all used to produce the quilts.

The First Lutheran Quilters meet the first and third Thursday of every month, anywhere from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at First Lutheran Church in New Rockford. For more information on the group, contact any of the members: Gladys Carlson, Luann Johnson, Sylvia Myhre, Barb Perleberg, Mildred Reinke, Darlene Hungness, Lillian Gedrose, or Gertie Laib. To bring in a fabric donation or for other questions, call the church at 947-2478.

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