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Community Pool Project Continues to Move Forward, In-Kind Donation Received

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August 11, 2014 - The new New Rockford Community Swimming Pool project will begin this fall with the demolition of the current facility. The new swimming pool and bathhouse facility is projected to open in July of 2015.
Since February, the new community swimming pool project has been in the fundraising and design phase. In June, the Pool Committee met with EAPC Engineers to discuss the design of the facility and determine current cost estimates, which put the total project at $1,612,000. The increase in costs is due to normal inflation since the last estimates were generated over a year ago.

To offset these additional costs, Earthwork Services of Horace, North Dakota has pledged to donate the entire demolition of the current facility, a donation equaling roughly $100,000. Judy Allmaras, New Rockford Park District President and Pool Committee member says the gift will help to keep the project on time, “Trent Duda of Earthwork Services heard about our project and offered his services to help out. We are in awe of his generous contribution.” The demolition of the current facility will take place this October.

The fundraising for the new facility has been led by New Rockford Area Betterment Corporation (NRABC). Since February they have secured nearly $300,000 in grants and gifts including $150,000 from the Land and Water Conservation Grant, $28,000 from Garrison Diversion for the ADA accessible restrooms, $20,000 from the New Rockford Lutheran Church, $10,000 from the New Rockford Eagles Club, $10,000 from Bank Forward, and many more gifts from community members and organizations holding fundraiser events such as the Lions Club, Buck-its Bar, Miller’s Fresh Foods and Eddy County Trail Rider’s 4-H Club. Sarah Smith Warren, Executive Director of NRABC, says the community support will move the project forward, “We are incredibly lucky to have such a supportive community. Individuals, businesses and community organizations are giving on behalf of this project. We have other communities around the state calling us to ask how we are accomplishing this project and my answer is ‘a supportive and driven community’”. (Click here for budget and current list of committed funds.)

The project’s final design will be decided this fall, with project construction bidding in early 2015 and breaking ground in the spring of 2015, depending on weather. The goal is for the project to be completed in July of 2015.

Although fundraising has been positive, there is still a significant amount to be raised. A total of $216,000 is still needed for project completion. Smith Warren says several more grants have been written and a few more community fundraisers are ongoing, including the Brick Fundraiser. “The Brick Fundraiser gives anyone the opportunity to purchase an engraved brick which will be placed inside the pool area along the fencing. It is a great way to personally be a part of the project and help build the facility brick by brick”.
Information about purchasing a brick and more pool project information can be found on the website at, or by calling Sarah Smith Warren at NRABC at 701-947-2205, or Judy Allmaras of the New Rockford Park District at 701-302-0034.


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