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Community Swimming Pool Project Research Update

The New Rockford Pool Committee has been conducting research and meeting monthly to discuss options for the New Rockford Community Pool project and recently presented a status update to the City Council and Park District. A Pool Committee representative reported on the research and data collected and suggested narrowing their research and focus to an ADA accessible outdoor pool facility and bathhouse.

“After conducting research on both outdoor and indoor facilities, partnerships and costs, the Pool Committee suggested focusing our research on an outdoor facility,” said Judy Allmaras, President of the New Rockford Park District. “We spoke with several indoor and outdoor facilities in and out of this state and discovered that the costs of an indoor facility would be prohibitive for our community. Most indoor pools are able to operate in communities because they also include a running track, fitness center, basketball courts and more,” Allmaras added.

Sarah Smith Warren, Executive Director of the New Rockford Area Betterment and Pool Committee member, says the data collected from the New Rockford community members and students have guided the research process, “Over 300 community members and students provided feedback and information to us about the pool project through surveys and the community brainstorm session. Listening to and addressing that feedback has been our first priority.”

The Pool Committee’s next steps are to further research specific costs, designs and funding for outdoor pool options. The Pool Committee will then hold a public meeting to present options to the community. The current pool will be open for the 2013 summer season and is in the process of seeking lifeguards and a pool manager.

The Pool Committee, made up of local community leaders, parents, business leaders and students, was formed by the New Rockford Park District, the City of New Rockford and the New Rockford Area Betterment Corporation. For more updates on the New Rockford Swimming Pool project, visit the New Rockford Park District webpage at www.cityofnewrockfordcom or contact Judy Allmaras at 701.302.0034.

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