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Dollars for Scholars Fundraiser Brings New Rockford of Yesteryear to Life

Published courtesy of The Transcript, written by Caryn Woodstead

The New Rockford Dollars for Scholars is starting a new fundraising effort thanks in large part to the amazing artistic talents of Kenny Rose, a 1965 graduate of New Rockford High School. Kenny has drawn and colored a wonderful map of downtown New Rockford, circa 1965. If you lived in New Rockford around that time you may recognize many of the stores and sights from the downtown area and even if you are a newer transplant to the area, there are still a few buildings that will look familiar although names may have changed a few times in the ensuing years!

A number of people have already seen and spoken for maps. Comments from some of them include, from Marty and Eloise Lucht – “If you are from New Rockford, you would be crazy not to buy one.” Patty Lill Silver says, “I am jacked! I can’t wait to show my old classmates!” and Tubby Bymoen, one of the forces behind this project – “I looked at the buildings, and then I started to think about the people who worked in them and a lot of those people, once forgotten, came to life again.”

The maps are 18 x 24 inches, and easily fit in a poster frame. The cost for the maps will be $20, with an additional $7 shipping charge if you want one sent to you. All proceeds from the sale of the maps will go to New Rockford Dollars for Scholars and the group can’t thank Kenny enough for this wonderful gift. He did outstanding work on the map – the colors are vibrant and bring the map to life. The more you look at it, the more you will see!

Kenny’s folks were Roy and Emma Brown and he had two brothers, Steve and Kevin, as well as sisters Lisa, Susan, and Sharon. Following his graduation from New Rockford High School, where he was very active in both football and track, Kenny attended Western Washington University. He graduated with a degree in art and taught school in Carson City, Nevada for seven years and then in Gig Harbor, Washington for another twenty years. Married to his wife, Connie, since 1982, the couple enjoys travel and recently returned from a hiking adventure in the Alps with stops in Italy and Amsterdam. Kenny retired from teaching a little over a year ago and now has a studio and does commission and spec work in art. His mediums include wood, stone, and steel. Kenny would love to hear people’s thoughts on the map and the memories that it evokes. You can reach him by email at or at 15509 134th Street CL. KPN, Gig Harbor, WA, 98329.

To order a map, contact Tubby Bymoen at (701) 652-5951 or click the link below. Maps may also be purchased at Bank Forward, Community Credit Union, and Do-It Best Hardware in New Rockford. To keep informed about what Dollars for Scholars is up to, check out their website, or check them out on Facebook at New Rockford Dollars for Scholars.

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