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New Rockford Community Foundation Seeking Year-End Donations

November 5, 2013
– The New Rockford Community Foundation, which provides grant money to non-profits in the community, is seeking donations to help meet this year’s fundraising goal. Individuals, families, organizations, and businesses are all welcome to make a tax-deductible donation directly to the fund. Donations in any amount will help the New Rockford Community Foundation tap into additional matching funds available from the North Dakota Community Foundation.

Every year, the Foundation’s local advisory board raises money and gives away the interest earned on the total fund as grants to non-profit organizations in the community. All money raised goes into a permanent endowment fund, providing a source of grant funds for local charities long into the future.

Since its inception in 2008, the NRCF has provided $5700 in grants to local projects, and the amount available each year increases with each dollar raised. Organizations that received grants this year were the New Rockford Area Chamber of Commerce, the Eddy County Museum, Dakota Prairie Regional Center for the Arts, and the Women’s Auxiliary Cemetery Association. Grant money from the fund is available only to non-profits serving the New Rockford community.

In addition to a tax deduction on the donation, businesses donating to the fund may also be eligible for a 40% tax credit, meaning they could receive that percentage of their donation back from the IRS, while the fund still receives the full donation amount. (For example, an eligible business donating $1000 would effectively spend only $600, but deduct the entire amount on their taxes). Farmers with incorporated farming operations are also eligible for the 40% tax credit, as are individuals who donate at least $5000.

The Community Foundation will also host their popular fundraising event “Deal or No Deal” on March 15, 2014, which is expected to bring in a significant portion of the organization’s fundraising goal for next year. More details on the event will be released as they become available.

To learn more about the NRCF or to make a donation, contact the local coordinator, Jessica Dillon, at (701) 947-2205 or speak to an advisory board member: Josh Guler, Gail Weisenburger, Tom Hartl, Laura Hager, Amy Cudworth, Kerri Allmaras, and Trisa Tedrow. Donations may also be sent directly to PO Box 775 in New Rockford.

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