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Small Business Spotlight: Vorland Land Company

September 17, 2018 - This month’s New Rockford Area Betterment Corporation’s Small Business Spotlight is Vorland Land Company.

Dean Vorland began his career in real estate in the summer of 1972, while working as a teacher in Bismarck. He excelled and had what he called a “hot” summer that year, which really got him excited about real estate. Dean and his wife Alicia moved to New Rockford in 1977. That same year, they started Vorland Land Company.

Vorland Land Company sells residential and farmstead properties, as well as land and some commercial properties. Vorland said, “Real estate is about finding the right person for the right home. It makes me feel good when I hear them comment that they love the home they bought.” Vorland’s goal is to sell a home, not get a commission. He added, “My motto is, treat people the way they should be treated. I like working with people and being around and helping people out.”

Vorland is meticulous about taking pictures of the property he sells. He said he had a person want to buy a house just from the pictures that were posted on the website. He went above and beyond trying to get them to come and check it out before the sale, but since they weren’t going to, he sent them pictures of anything he thought they should see. They ended up buying the property sight unseen.

“I like detail and I like giving very detailed descriptions on our listings,” Vorland said. “Some people even commented that looking at our website is just like reading the morning paper.”

Vorland said he has had people from all over the world check out his website. He said, “It really is the world wide web, not just local people looking and considering buying homes. We had someone living in Egypt contact us and end up buying property here and in Fessenden. They found us by doing a search on the internet.”

When a client lists a property with Vorland Land Company, Dean and his agents take care of everything. “Our goal is to have happy people,” Vorland noted. “I want people to enjoy what they purchased.”

In Dean’s downtime, he and Alicia enjoy following their grandkids’ activities and attending their sporting events. “The best part is going to an event and watching them smile when they see you in the stands,” he said. Originally from Fessenden, Dean and Alicia have three daughters and nine grandchildren. Dean has been in real estate for 41 years, was an educator for 37 years, and served in the National Guard for 30 years.

Vorland Land Company is located on the corner of 1st Avenue North and 8th Street North, in the old bank building that was built in 1906. (The building is visible in dozens of photos of early-days New Rockford.) They have two agents, Ardyce Snyder and David Larson. Vorland’s wife, Alicia, retired three years ago. Snyder has worked for the Vorlands for over 30 years. She also has a tax business and has become more involved in property management. Larson is located in Fessenden, and handles properties in Fessenden, Harvey, Maddock and surrounding communities.

Stop in and visit with Dean at Vorland Land Company or contact him at 701-947-5626. Check out their current listings at:

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