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Eagles Calcutta Race Donates $6,558 to School Playground

2016 Eagles Stick Horse Calcutta winner #5 “Prince” pictured with owners in attendance, from left, Travis Benson, Simon Anderson, Jockey Jana Hoffmann, Clint Anderson and Brad Herman.
2016 Eagles Stick Horse Calcutta winner #5 “Prince” pictured with owners in attendance, from left, Travis Benson, Simon Anderson, Jockey Jana Hoffmann, Clint Anderson and Brad Herman.

August 24, 2016 - The purple horse “Prince” won the third annual Eagles Stick Horse Calcutta Saturday, August 13 to capture the $5,075 purse.

Six stick horses were auctioned off to race in the event. Taking bids for auctioneer Cliff Sanders of Clifford, ND, was locals Ken Reis, Brent Helseth and Levi Rue. In each round the winning bidder selected the horse of their choice.

“Prince” was the second horse to be selected in the auction. He was purchased by the team of Brad Herman, Simon Anderson, Kent Myhre, Travis Benson, Eric Myhre, Mike Myhre, Eric Longnecker, Corey Longnecker and Clint Anderson.

“Prince” Jockey Janna Hoffmann, wearing the #5 silk, came from the middle of the pack to edge to the front as the horses made their way down the track and capture the win.
The team generously donated $3,000 of their winnings to the school playground fund, to total $6,558 going to the playground renovation.

Coming from dead last to take home second place bragging rights was the #2 horse, “Friar Tuck,” ridden by Ryan Hager and owned by Kenny Reis, Kyle Alfstad, Brent Helseth, Jeff Hitz, Ryan Hager, Levi Rue, Mitch Haman and Curt Anderson.

Third place honors went to #6 horse “Beetlebomb,” owned by Kenny & LuAnn Thompson, Paul & Janel Fortney, Chans and Mary Kay Price, Greg & Janine Anderson, Jim & Annette Hovey, Josh & Trista Langley, Joe Seiler & Kathy Teschner, Dave & Rachel Holzwarth, Stu & Vicky Richter, Marlo & Bonnie Byberg, and Dave & Patti Gehrtz. LuAnn Thompson was the jockey.

Other teams included pink horse #1 “Old Nag,” jockeyed by Whitney Burkhardsmeier and owned by Mike Yri, Jon Heinz, Danny Knatterud, Trever Lesmeister, Angie Hopfauf, Marlin Weisenburger, and Reed Weisenburger.

“Big Kahuna” horse #3 was jockeyed by Colleen Benson and owned by Scott Reis, Josh Guler, Kayla Reis, Jordan Reis, Mike Allmaras, Gayle Dodds, Steven Guler, Randy Guler, John Allmaras, Matt Pfeiffer, and Robert Cudworth.

“Little John” horse #4 was ridden by Dorothy Schafer and owned by Roughrider Feeds and Allmaras Ag.

Bets were placed on the horses, with a payout of $420 for win, place and show. Holding the winning ticket on the winning horse was Greg Anderson to take home $210. Annette Hovey won $126 for #2 “Friar Tuck” placing second. Jim Hovey won $84 for #6 “Beetlebomb” finishing in third place. The Hovey’s donated their $210 winnings to the school playground fund.

Lane sponsors included Allied, Bank Forward, CenDak, Central Insurance - Morgan Lies, Community Credit Union, Gavilon Grain, James River Dentistry, Meehan Machine, Mick’s 281, New Rockford Lions, ProSeed - Dave Gehrtz, and Viking Electric.

Roughrider Feeds donated the pork loins and buns came from Baker’s Dozen. Bars were provided by Eagles Auxiliary members Penny Schuster, Lori Fjedahl, Janine Anderson, Marilyn Gedrose, Mary Ann Lies, Marilyn Anderson, and LuAnn Thompson. With help from the school playground supporters, the meal was served by Sheila Brown, Whitney Burkhardsmeier, Lexi Carlson, Deb Stafford and Avolt Baumbach.

The New Rockford Eagles donates money to community groups and events throughout the year.
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