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"Seats, Eats, and Hot ‘40s Beats" - News from DPRCA

DPRCA's "The Andrews Brothers" cast, L to R: Alex Hovey, Elliott Schwab, Jacee Engels, and Jared Kolles.
DPRCA's "The Andrews Brothers" cast, L to R: Alex Hovey, Elliott Schwab, Jacee Engels, and Jared Kolles.

July 1, 2015 -
After two years of fundraising, Dakota Prairie Regional Center for the Arts is pleased to unveil its brand new theatre seating. Located in the Old Church Theatre, the seats were installed just in time for the opening of this summer’s musical comedy extravaganza: “The Andrews Brothers”.

The historic theatre now has seating for 130 patrons with additional wheelchair access. Throughout the two year project, DPRCA provided the opportunity for theatregoers to sponsor individual theatre chairs. Of the 130 available, 128 seats have been sponsored. The new chairs will provide show attendees a more comfortable theatre experience for this summer’s show and future productions.

The Andrews Brothers” opened July 1st and will run through August 9th. Set on a military base in the South Pacific towards the end of World War II, the show centers around a trio of hapless brothers in their attempt to prepare a USO show starring the Andrews Sisters. Hilarity ensues when a beautiful woman arrives to rehearse her opening act and the boys literally start falling all over themselves trying to prove to her that they are, in fact, backup singers and not stagehands. A wrench is thrown into the gears when a cable from Major Wilson (of USO HQ) informs them that the Andrews Sisters will not be able to make their scheduled appearance. But, as they say in the business, one way or another the show must go on!

Reuniting “Life Could Be a Dream” alumni Jacee Engels, Alex Hovey, Jared Kolles, and Elliott Schwab, the show also features a live band, with Annette Hovey, Delaine Rademacher, Tessa Hartl, Steve Bowman, Cathy Bowman, Gaius Arroyo, and Tony Peterson, with sound and lights by Braxton Meehan and Rhianne Bowman.

When making plans to see the show, don’t forget to make reservations at The Garden Bistro. Located in the basement of the Old Church Theatre and featuring a menu of delectable dinner options, the Bistro is also home to the Upstage Gallery. While you dine, feel free to peruse the many new and unique items the Gallery has to offer, including Pride of Dakota sweets and treats.

For ticket information and reservations, please call 701-947-2174 or visit, and we’ll see you at the show!

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