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New Rockford City Website Undergoing Renovation

Jessica Dillon, Assistant Director of the NRABC
Jessica Dillon, Assistant Director of the NRABC

January 21st, 2013
– The New Rockford Area Betterment Corporation, which updates and maintains the City of New Rockford website, has initiated a major overhaul of the website design and content, to be unveiled in full later this spring.

The city website - - is a free service of the NRABC to help promote the city, its businesses and organizations, and to provide accurate information to residents and the world. Every business, organization, and government entity is entitled to a free landing page on the site, and a listing in the directories.

Jessica Dillon of the NRABC is the webmaster for the entire website. She says, “The site is massive. In addition to the hundreds of business and organization pages, I also try to maintain news updates, residential and recreation information, movie listings, the events calendar, and much more.”

The city website is an important resource to locals, but also receives significant traffic from outside the area. “We get hits from across the globe, but the majority comes from within North Dakota and surrounding states,” says Dillon. “We are seeing 10,000-12,000 visits each month, so it can be a great tool for our local businesses to get their information out there, as well as a draw for tourists and potential residents.”

All businesses, organizations, churches and government offices are asked to check their pages and information on the current website for accuracy and completeness. Many pages are out-of-date or have limited information, which in part led to the decision to make the changes all at once. The overhaul will also include a new design, simplified navigation and updates to all business and organization listings that are submitted.

The information being requested is the business or organization name, location and contact information, business hours or meeting times, external website (if applicable), primary staff members, services and/or mission, any annual events, and any photos that might highlight the operation. New businesses are especially encouraged to submit their information to ensure they are included in the site upgrade.

Events, news and updates for the website are always welcome, every day of the year. All information for the website should be sent to Jessica at or call 947-2205.

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