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NRABC Annual Report Shows High Return on Investment

Click to view report
Click to view report

May 28th, 2014 – The New Rockford Area Betterment Corporation (NRABC) presented their 2013 Annual Report to the New Rockford City Commission at their May meeting. The NRABC is a non-profit organization that works to promote economic and community growth in the area, and it is funded by a percentage of city sales tax, approximately one-third of two percent, from the City of New Rockford.

Sarah Smith Warren, Executive Director of the NRABC, says the NRABC is working hard to fulfill its mission, “The taxpayers of New Rockford have put their trust and money into our organization. We take that responsibility very seriously and work hard to ensure a strong return on investment and sustainable community growth.”

The 2013 Annual Report revealed the NRABC generated a 750% return on investment on its funding from city sales tax. In 2013, the City of New Rockford’s investment was a total of $81,715 for the organization to operate. In turn, the NRABC secured over $600,000 for the community
NRABC Asst. Dir. Jessica Dillon and Exec. Dir. Sarah Smith Warren
NRABC Asst. Dir. Jessica Dillon and Exec. Dir. Sarah Smith Warren
through grants, loans, services, and direct support of other organizations.

The NRABC worked on several major projects throughout 2013, including project management for the Hospital Demolition Project, securing housing development funds, redesign and update of the city website, leadership of the Community Pool Project among many others. The NRABC also owns and operates the Rockin’ Fitness fitness center and works directly with community organizations including the Chamber of Commerce, Eddy County Museum, New Rockford Community Foundation, and New Rockford Park District.

The NRABC operates with two staff members. Smith Warren has been the Executive Director since September of 2012, and Jessica Dillon is beginning her fourth year as Assistant Director, starting in May of 2011.

The 2013 Annual Report can be viewed online at or at the NRABC offices located in City Hall. For more questions or comments, contact Sarah Smith Warren at 701-947-2205.
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