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Rockford Theatre Reaches Fundraising Goals

Rockford Theatre projectionist Dave Jenrich and manager Glenda Collier
Rockford Theatre projectionist Dave Jenrich and manager Glenda Collier
August 7th, 2012 – Thanks to the outpouring of support from theatre patrons, the community, and a grant from the USDA, the Rockford Theatre will keep its doors open indefinitely, having raised sufficient funds to complete the upgrade to digital projection.

Last fall, it was announced to theatres nationwide that the film industry would cease production of 35-mm film reels used by traditional projectors as soon as 2013, in favor of the new, clear, and efficient digital format. Small theatres like the Rockford were stuck scrambling to plan for the change, at a price tag of $65-85,000 per screen, or faced imminent closure. The management of the Rockford Theatre turned to the community for help, and was blown away by the response.

In addition to $25,000 raised directly from the community, the New Rockford Area Betterment Corporation successfully wrote a grant to the U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development Office for $60,000 to complete the digital projector project. The system also includes six headset devices designed to be worn by hearing-impaired moviegoers to help them to hear the dialogue on screen and improve their film experience.

Further improvements are already in the works for the theatre, as well. Any additional money raised from the community will be put towards replacing the floor of the theatre lobby, for new seating, and for other essential maintenance projects and upgrades.

Rockford Theatre manager Glenda Collier said that, “We are overwhelmed by the support we’ve received. It’s been a very emotional project for people, they feel very strongly about it, and nobody wanted this theatre to close. It’s an important part of our lives here.”

Watch for more updates on the digital projector project in the coming months. Installation is expected to be completed in early fall of this year.

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