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Rockin' Fitness “Battle of the Bulge” Names Winner

February 3rd, 2015 – Rockin’ Fitness held its first annual “Battle of the Bulge Sweepstakes” from January 1-31 this year. This sweepstakes was held to encourage members to use the gym and attend group fitness classes.

Members’ group fitness and gym attendances were all counted as entries into the sweepstakes. This year’s winner was Carter Richter, who had a total of 15 gym attendances during the month. His grand prize package includes: free entry for the Bunny Hop 5K, free entry for the FireCracker 5K, free entry for the new Monster Dash 5K, a club t-shirt, group fitness class punch card, and a book of six day passes.

Rockin’ Fitness’ next event will be the 3rd annual Bunny Hop 5K held Saturday April 4th. Registration forms for the event can be found at Rockin’ Fitness. For more information please contact Rockin’ Fitness at (701) 947-2830 or at
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