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DPRCA Opening Arts Gallery and Retail Shop

Upstage Gallery Manager, Rachel Brazil
Upstage Gallery Manager, Rachel Brazil

The Dakota Prairie Regional Center for the Arts (DPRCA) is adding arts and gifts including visual, photographic, mixed media, jewelry, fiber arts and more to its core offerings with the opening of a new retail and gallery space. DPRCA has been working to integrate visual arts into current programming and is excited to announce the addition of the Upstage Gallery. This unique retail and art experience will open on April 5, 2013 and will be located in the Latte Lobby in the historic Opera House.

The Upstage Gallery was created by a group of local volunteers and DPRCA to celebrate artists and provide a space where people can enjoy and shop for unique art and gifts. Local artist and writer Rachel Brazil is organizing the opening of the gallery and encourages artists across the region and state to submit their work for display. She says, “We are seeking a variety of artwork and gifts to feature at the Upstage Gallery and especially at the Grand Opening. Any artist can submit an application to have their work considered for the gallery.”

The Upstage Gallery will be a space for artists to display and sell their pieces and will provide customers the opportunity to connect with the artists and their work as each featured artist will include a biography and insight into their artistic process.

The gallery will be open for the public to view and purchase arts and gifts during regular Latte Lobby hours, wine tastings, theatre shows, and other DPRCA events.

For more information or to complete an artist application, contact Rachel at 701.947.2174, or visit

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