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Business Spotlight: Town & Country Veterinary Service

Trisa Tedrow, DVM, at Town & Country Veterinary Service with her Welsh corgi, Millie.
Trisa Tedrow, DVM, at Town & Country Veterinary Service with her Welsh corgi, Millie.

January 2nd, 2013
– Animals large and small are in excellent hands with the recent arrival of Trisa Tedrow, DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine), who has launched her new practice, Town & Country Veterinary Service, on the edge of New Rockford. The clinic facility, located just south of the overpass on Highway 281, was purchased on October 4, opening to patients quietly the following week. Tedrow works in consultation with Carolyn Tedrow, an experienced local veterinarian, who also happens to be her mother.

Town & Country provides veterinary services for large and small animals of all varieties. Services include general wellness checks, routine surgeries, spay/neuter/castration, declawing, vaccinations, medications, animal boarding, mass removal, herd work, births and c-sections, and much more. Cases requiring x-rays or certain other specialized equipment are usually referred to regional animal hospitals, though plans are in the works to purchase lab equipment and an ultrasound machine. Supplies, food, medications, and equipment are also available for purchase through the clinic.

Tedrow is a New Rockford native and 2003 NRHS graduate. She spent four years studying animal science and microbiology at NDSU before being accepted into and completing the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program at Kansas State University. After a year working at a practice on the Kansas-Nebraska border, she has returned to the area to be near family and friends and to open the clinic in her hometown.

Tedrow expresses deep gratitude to the many local businesses and individuals who have helped the clinic get off the ground, and to the clientele who have so eagerly sought out her services. “It really is a privilege to work on people’s pets and livestock and I take their trust very seriously,” she said. “People’s pets are an important part of their lives and I always strive to give them the best care. For large animal clients, I am trying to stay competitive on vaccine and medication pricing. Vaccination and general herd health practices are big decisions with substantial input costs.”

Tedrow’s primary professional interest is in specialty surgery, but she stresses that in veterinary medicine, she sees cases and patients of all sorts. “The best part of rural mixed practice is that I get to see a variety of cases and get to challenge myself every day. Sometimes I get to spend the entire day outside working on cattle or horses, other days I will do a procedure that I had been reading about in veterinary medical journals but never thought I would get a chance to do. I get asked a lot if I am a small or large animal veterinarian, but I really am a combination. Small animal teaches you to be meticulous, large animal teaches you ingenuity, and I think being a student of both makes me a better veterinarian.”

Town & Country Veterinary Service is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and from 8 a.m. to noon on Saturdays. For information during regular hours or to schedule an appointment, the clinic number is (701) 947-2000, and the after-hours emergency number is (701) 653-5590.

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