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Photo montage: children holding hands and running through a field, bales of hay on farmland, a young couple with a baby in the park, the sun shining on a field of wheat

American Legion Raffle Winners


*More winners will be added as they are drawn

Week 1     Suzie Wobbema

Week 2     Marty Lucht

Week 3     Logan Ludwig

Week 4     Diane Karlsbraaten

                Levi Duda

Week 5     Crissy Larson

                Janel Fortney

Week 6     Becky Ames

                Amy Wobbema

Week 7     Deanna Erickson

                Chris Bichler

Week 8     Kristi Swenson

               Ken Sharbono

Week 9    Rachael Anderson

               Dalton Weber

Week 10  Scott Brown

              Pam Harrison

Week 11  Myron Olson

              Craig Jellerson

Week 12  JoLene Schulz

              Quentin Georgeson

Week 13  Jim Ehni

              Josh Guler

              Deb Rud $100

              Brooke Cook $250

              Larry Arendt $400

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