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Engels to teach Yoga Workshop Post India Trip

Jadi Engels, MA, RYT 200HR, formerly of New Rockford, ND, and daughter of Jeff and Becky Engels of New Rockford, ND, will be leading a one-hour discussion about the basics of Yoga history, philosophy, and practices. She will discuss common myths and misperceptions about Yoga, as well as guide attendees through beginner-level movements, breathing, and meditation techniques (no previous experience required). She will also help you craft a practice to take home with you if you’d like!

Jadi has been a regular practitioner of yoga for six years and has been teaching for three. She has received training in various styles of yoga, most recently, advanced teacher training on Meditation and Kriya yoga in Rishikesh, India (known as the “birthplace” of yoga). Jadi’s intention is to, “bring Universal principles and practices of Yoga to people in a way that is relevant to daily life in the world. To broaden peoples’ horizons about Yogic philosophy beyond just ‘poses on a mat’ or ‘being flexible’, and to help people develop a deeper connection to their bodies and minds so they feel empowered to care for themselves and others”.

She has witnessed the potent effects of a regular practice (even just 5 minutes!) in experienced teachers, Yoga Masters, family and friends, and most deeply in herself. “Yoga has given me a whole new way of relating to the experiences of my life; a deeper understanding of myself and the world in general.” But she also says that yoga is a practice like any other, there’s no “magic bullet”, just a consistent showing up, day after day; the difference is rather than distracting or running away from thoughts/feelings/emotions, you are sitting with them and developing a deeper compassion and understanding for them. She would love for you to join her in this introductory discussion/workshop, and asks that you dress comfortably, bring a yoga mat/blanket (if you have one), and a pen and paper!

When: Thursday, May 19th, 6:30 PM

Where: In Partnership with Rockin’ Fitness @ DPRCA Dance Studio
818 Central Avenue, New Rockford, ND

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