New Rockford, ND

Welcome to New Rockford, ND
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Making environmentally-sound choices about waste disposal can be a challenge in rural North Dakota. Here are a few ways to make it easier!

Recycle Aluminum with 4th Corporation
4th Corporation accepts aluminum cans at their main facility at 120 11th St N.

Terracycle with 4th Corporation
4th Corporation also participates in the Terracycle program, which pays a small amount per piece of specific hard-to-recycle items collected by an organization.

Click here to see the items 4th Corporation can accept and submit for cash!

4 Rs Recycling in Carrington
4 Rs Recycling in Carrington, 17 miles south of town, will accept recyclables from area residents.

The City of New Rockford, the New Rockford Area Betterment Corporation, and 4th Corporation are currently working on a more sustainable and permanent recycling option for residents of New Rockford and surrounding areas. Check back for updates!

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