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Welcome to New Rockford, ND
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Housing Incentive Program

The New Rockford Area Betterment Corporation (NRABC) and the New Rockford City Commission have partnered to create a program designed to improve existing homes and encourage new housing construction.

There are three categories of incentives: new construction, buying a home, and remodeling a home. Incentives include free water and sewer for one year, waiver of building permit fees, abatement on real estate taxes, and many more great perks. New residents to the city also receive a "welcome to New Rockford" package including free passes to many local amenities. 

This incentive package is available to anyone looking to purchase a new home, update an existing home, or build a new home inside the city limits. Anyone interested in receiving housing incentives has 30 days to apply from the close of their purchase, or must apply when they apply for a building permit.  The program is not available for previously completed projects.

For any questions involving this incentive package please contact Amanda Hegland at (701) 947-2205.

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