New Rockford, ND

Welcome to New Rockford, ND
Photo montage: children holding hands and running through a field, bales of hay on farmland, a young couple with a baby in the park, the sun shining on a field of wheat

Hillsdale Township

Austin Langley, Supervisor-Chm
7878 Langley Drive
Warwick, ND 58381
(701) 947-5400

Matthew Hultgren, Supervisor
2750 83rd Ave NE
Warwick, ND 58381
(701) 351-0866

Johnnie McKelvey, Supervisor
8297 29th St NE
Warwick, ND 58381
(701) 294-2188

Dan Birkeland, Clk/Treas
7830 29th St NE
Sheyenne, ND 58374
(701) 996-2807

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