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Peak Performance Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, PLLC

Jodi Tjelta, PT/ATC

"Not Just for Athletes! At the heart of Peak Performance is an aggressive approach to assist patients in achieving their personal best."

207 1st Ave. S. Suite C
New Rockford

Office Hours: 8:30 am- 5:00 pm

Appointments available: 8:00 am- 5:00 pm
Monday thru Friday


  • Sports Medicine
  • Manual Therapy
  • Industrial Medicine

Additional Services:

  • Orthopedic Care
  • Women's Health
  • Lymphedema compression wrapping
  • Incontinence Training
  • Geriatric Wellness
  • Vestibular Rehabilitation
  • Orthotic Evaluation and Fabrication


  1. What is physical therapy? Physical therapy helps to relieve pain and discomfort associated with muscle, joint, and nerve problems. A physical therapist can also help people reach their maximum potential strength and activity performance.
  2. Is physical therapy for athletes only? NO! While physical therapy can assist athletes, most commonly physical therapy will help people who are having difficulty accomplishing their everyday tasks. Often this follows accident or injury.
  3. Will insurance pay for physical therapy treatments? Most insurance plans offer a physical therapy benefit. We will work with you to make sure you know and understand your benefits.
  4. Do I need a physican's prescription? In North Dakota you can directly access a physical therapist without a prescription unless your insurance provider requires the prescription. For example, Blue Cross Blue Shield does not require a prescription, but Medicare does.
  5. Any other questions? If you are wondering whether physical therapy can help you, call or stop in to Peak Performance today!
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